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Black & Glitter Pumpkins

Updated: Oct 18, 2022

Create a glamourous and fun display of these spooky, sparkly pumpkins!

We love this spooky pumpkin idea. We use a blackboard paint because it sticks to the pumpkin surface, but you can mix PVA glue with paint to help it stick. It's super simple and a great activity for little pumpkin pickers because there are no sharp knives or carving.

What You Need

  • Pumpkins- we've used our Gold Speck and Casperita varieties

  • Blackboard paint (or mix PVC glue with any paint to ensure it sticks)

  • 1 bowl for paint

  • paint brush

  • Glue gun or PVA glue

  • Glitter

  • Newspaper


  1. Wash your chosen pumpkins and dry them thoroughly

  2. Cover your surface in newspaper- blackboard paint is really hard to get off of anything (including little pumpkin pickers)

  3. Paint the pumpkin with the blackboard paint and allow to dry (we balance ours on jam jars)

  4. Repeat. Ours normally take 2 coats

  5. Put glue onto stem area

  6. quickly add glitter

  7. Allow to dry

We love to use these statement pumpkins as a center piece or in the corner of our porch. We often add some little wire lights to brighten them up and make a spooky, fun display.

Alternatives: Use up any leftover tester paint pots for fun, colourful pumpkins with gold or silver painted stems for a bright and fun display.

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