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Our Pumpkins

Our gourd'geous pumpkins come in ALL shapes, sizes, textures and colours. We LOVE this huge range of autumnal colour that brightens our shortening evenings and helps keep ghouls from the door!

To ensure we get our mix right we hand plant over 20 varieties of pumpkins and squashes on our farm in East Bergholt. From traditional bright orange pumpkins and stunning giant whites. From didi orange munchkins to stripy squashes; whether you're looking to carve a scary face or create a tasty meal, we've got the right type of pumpkin for you!

Below you'll find a little about the types of pumpkins we grow and how we grow them.

Mixed pumpkins andf squashes home grown by The Pumpkin PAtch East Bergholt

Our Pumpkins

There are sooooo many types of pumpkins our there. We grow over 20 varieties to give us a good range of colours, shapes, sizes and textures. Some are decorative, some are edible and some are great for carving; so whatever you want your pumpkin for we've got a variety for you.

Here are some of the varieties we grow:

  • Harvest Moon

  • Gladiator

  • Polar Bear

  • Gold Medal

  • Gold Speck

  • Festival

  • Casperita

  • Racer

  • Crown Prince

  • Harlequin

  • Celebration

  • Turks Turban

  • Pottimaron

  • Sunspot

  • Sweet Dumplins

  • Sweet Lightening

  • Goosebumps

  • Pattison Striped

  • Hundred Weight

How We Grow Our Pumpkins

Our pumpkins are grown with love (and a fair bit of sweat and occasional tears) on our family farm in East Bergholt. It all starts back in April when Autumn seems like an age away.

Step 1- April

Cultivate and prepare the land

Step 2- May

Hand plant over 10,000 seeds using Dorothy the Duo tractor and our rather ancient drill...yes we sit on the back and drop a seed into the ground by hand. It takes almost 3 days and is backbreaking!


Step 3- June

The first shoots appear


Step 4- July

Flowers & fruit begin to grow


Step 5- August

Our pumpkins grow & we start to see them turn orange

Step 6- September

Our pumpkins finish ripening and we cut their stems

Step 7- October

The pumpkins are ready for hand harvesting...and The Pumpkin Patch East Bergholt opens



Fabulous place such kind staff and the children had a blast. Plenty of pumpkins and things to do and yummy cakes & drinks available too. Definitely one to visit and we will be back.

Jane Schofield

Pumpkin Recipes & Ideas

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