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Decoupage Pumpkins

A fun & easy way of creating a decorative, autumnal pumpkin display

This is a great way of making a slightly different looking display of pumpkins. You can use any tissue or decoupage paper to reflect your style and is a great, knife free alternative of little pumpkin pickers.

What You Need

  • Pumpkins- we've used our Gold Speck and Casperita varieties

  • PVC or decoupage glue

  • 2 bowls for glue and paint

  • 2 paint brushs

  • Tissue or decoupage paper- torn into rough squares of about 2-3cm

  • Gold paint


  1. Wash your chosen pumpkins and dry them thoroughly

  2. Cover your surface in newspaper

  3. prepare your tissue or decoupage paper by gently tearing it into 2-3cm squares

  4. Dab on a little glue using the paint brush and gently place the paper over it

  5. TOP TIP: Use a little glue at a time...too much glue will cause the tissue to tear

  6. Repeat until the whole pumpkin is covered

  7. You may need to do several layers is you're using tissue paper

  8. Allow to dry

  9. Once dry, paint the stem gold (you may need two coats)

  10. Place in your display

These little pumpkins make a fab center piece. They're always a talking point and look stunning as part of a bigger arrangement.

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