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Pumpkin Table Centre

A simple and elegant table decoration that even the most challenged of flower arrangers can attempt!

This makes a great focal point and is a beautiful way of adding a pop of colour to your table or room.

What You Need

  • Pumpkin

  • Sharp knife

  • Oasis

  • Bunch of flowers

  • Secatures (or Scissors)

  • 2 x skewers

  • A dish or tray


  1. Wash your chosen pumpkin

  2. Cut your Oasis to size (I only needed 1/3 for this size pumpkin)

  3. Soak your Oasis till wet all the way through

  4. Cover your surface in newspaper

  5. Cut the top off the pumpkin and scoop out the inner seeds and flesh- rise out the inside of the pumpkin

  6. Place the Oasis inside the pumpkin

  7. Cut about 3 inches off both your skewers

  8. Push approximately 1cm pointy end first into the pumpkin wall at the back of your pumpkin

  9. Place the top back on to your pumpkin, gently pushing the top of the skewer into the top part of the pumpkin. You may need to push the bottom part of the skewer in more till you get the correct high and position.

  10. Remove the lid/top for now

  11. Arrange your flowers. I've gone for pretty bold, vibrant flowers and some dark foliage to make the flowers really standout against the pumpkin.

  12. Pop a little water in the pumpkin to keep your flowers fresh.

  13. Replace the top or lid using the holes you previously made.

  14. Tweak your flowers to ensure none of the petals are bent etc.

  15. Place on a dish/tray with a scattering of didi pumpkins

  16. Keep topped up with water, but be aware that your pumpkin is only likely to last around 5-7 days before it gets 'mushy'!

You don't need many flowers to really make this table centre stand out. Try a ALL foliage version for a dramatic green look.

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